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Would it be better for a woman to sleep with socks and avoid exposing her feet, or better for her not to sleep with socks but then her feet can be exposed?

  Women may go to sleep with socks for Tznius purposes. See here regarding woman exposing their feet while they are alone: https://asktherav.com/may-a-woman-walk-around-the-house-without-socks-on-if-there-are-no-men-around/#.XRV6Qq-l1A0.link   Sources: שלא לישון באנפלאות - ראה…

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Can I watch a video that was not paid for and is all around anyway?

  No, because if it was not paid for it is considered stolen and one may not use stolen goods. See here: https://asktherav.com/is-it-permitted-to-listen-to-music-i-have-received-from-a-friend-he-did-not-pay-for-it-either-and-we-both-do-not-plan-on-buying-that-specific-album-is-it-considered-stealing-even-though-the-a/#.XJJlh74g-7M.link שו"ע אדה"ז הל' גזלה וגנבה סי"א, כ.…

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