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The contemporary platform to get your Halachic questions answered.

Who runs AskTheRav?

AskTheRav is affiliated with the Beis Din of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY, and with the Va’ad Hakohol of Crown Heights.

The AskTheRav project is overseen by Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun, Morah D’Asra and executive member of the Beis Din. All answers are reviewed by Rabbi Braun.

How do I ask a question?

It is recommended to first search your question using the search bar, or to search by categories.

To ask your question, please first become a member here by entering your name and email address and setting a password.

Once you become a member you will be able to fill out the ‘Submit a Question’ form. You can add an attachment if necessary, like a picture of a doorway for a question on Mezuza, or the like. Please include as many details as possible when you ask your question, as the final Halachic ruling depends on the details you provide.

Once you ask your question you will receive an email that your question has been received. Your question will immediately show up in the “My Questions” section of the site.

We will do our best to respond within 36 hours after you send your question. If you send your question on Friday in New York, it might only be answered by Sunday. If your question is an urgent one, please specify “Urgent” in the subject of the submission form and we will try to accommodate.

The answer to your question will be displayed in the “My Questions” page. You will also receive an email with the answer.

You can also view all of your previous questions and answers in the “My Questions” page.

If necessary, you can ask your question anonymously by sending an email with your question to Anonymous@asktherav.com. We request that all questions regarding the laws of Taharas Hamishpacha be submitted through that email only.

Is AskTheRav a public forum? Are the questions I ask made public?

Any information provided to AskTheRav.com is completely confidential and does not leave the AskTheRav platform. Before the questions and answers are published on the website, they undergo extensive editing making sure all private details are removed prior to publishing.

Is there a limit of how many questions I can ask?

Every Halachic answer takes time and effort to research and put together. We kindly request not to overload the system with theoretical questions, but to keep the questions to those which are practical and current. If you have more than one question, please submit them as two different questions instead of including them in one submission. AskTheRav reserves the right to deny to answer questions or to disable members who are abusing the system.

Which language can I ask a question in?

You can ask questions in English, Hebrew or Yiddish. Your question will be answered in the language that you ask it.

Whose rulings do the Halachic rulings on AskTheRav follow?

AskTheRav generally follows the Ashkenazic ruling, as well as the rulings of the Chabad Rebbeim starting from the Alter Rebbe – Baal HaTanya up to the current Lubavitcher Rebbe. If you follow other customs, please include in the submission form which custom you follow (e.g. Sefardic).

Can I Pasken from AskTheRav's database?

The Halachos on our database are meant for Halacha L’Maaseh – practical Halacha, and can be followed in regular circumstances. However, many details affect a Halachic ruling. Therefore, if your question is at all different from those published online, we encourage you to submit your question together with a link to the database for us to determine what the Halacha is in your specific case.

I am writing a Halachic essay/article/sefer. Can I use AskTheRav's rulings and sources to include in my work?

To use information from our database in your work, please contact us at Info@AskTheRav.com. Any distribution, use or reproduction of information in our database without explicit permission is strictly prohibited according to both Torah law and secular law. AskTheRav intends to take appropriate disciplinary action.

Why are there Halachos about Moshiach on the website?

The Rambam writes that one of the principles of faith is to actively wait for Moshiach’s coming, every single day. This means that we expect, every day, that Moshiach will come. Furthermore, the Rebbe shows us how we recently started seeing many signs of Moshiach in the world. Just like we learn over the Halachos of a Yom Tov in the weeks prior to the Yom Tov, we learn the Halachos of Moshiach now, to know what to do when Moshiach will come.

Who covers the costs for AskTheRav?

Web developing, system upkeep, editing, managing and more make AskTheRav a costly project. To take an active part in making practical Halacha accessible please donate here. Donations are accepted in all amounts and all donations are tax-deductible.