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I have an appointment in Manhattan and expect to leave to go back to Crown Heights slightly before 3 pm. Candle lighting is at 4:19. Can I do this? - You should schedule to be back an hour before candle-lighting time. If necessary, you may schedule to be back 40
Is there any issue with buying objects that have discounts and promotions on black Friday? - There is no issue.   Sources: במכ״ש מיום אידם ממש שהותר האידנא. וגם ביריד. שו״ע ורמ״א סוסי׳ קמח. רמ״א קמט,
Is there a bug concern regarding baby corn? - Baby corn does not need to be checked as it is not infested under normal circumstances.
I found a $100 bill in the vicinity without any Siman. Can I keep it, and do I need to give Tzedakah from it? - If the money was found in a place that many people pass through and was lying in a way that
If food is fully cooked before Shabbos, can the pot it is in be uncovered and re-covered while it is on the Blech, as it seems to be described in The Laws of Cooking on Shabbos and The Blech Book?  - There is a Machlokes Haposkim. Although most Poskim permit it, L'chatchilla one should be stringent. Even according to the lenient
What is the best way to check lettuce? - 1. Cut and separate all the lettuce leaves from the root. 2. Insert the leaves in a bowl filled with a solution
Is it permissible to make tea and coffee in a Keli Shlishi using instant coffee or tea bags, or is this considered coloring the water?  - Almost all Poskim maintain that there is no issue with coloring food whether solid or liquid. There are those who

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