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If non-liquid food falls on my clothes on Shabbos, how am I allowed to clean it?  - It would depend on what type of dirt you are referring to: • Dirt stuck to clothes and is: 1.
Can I Daven weekday Mincha after candle lighting time if I didn’t have time before?  - L'chatchila a woman should Daven Mincha before lighting Shabbos candles. If she didn't, and she doesn’t have enough time, she
An investment property that has no Jewish tenants, but they know that the owner is Jewish, does the front door require a Mezuzah?  - No, unless the owner stores his belongings there or has an office there. In such a case, the front door
Is it permissible to talk about holy things in the bathroom when the children are undressed? - Can we talk about the Chassidishe Yomim Tovim in the bathroom? Is it permissible to think holy things in the
Are there any restrictions on making a will? Any guidance of what to put or what not to put according to Halacha? - There are many distinctions between a Tzavaah, a will, written according to the Torah and a secular will. According to
Do we put up a Mezuzah on the Tefach HaChitzon on a Brick wall, or is it better to put it on the doorpost? - A common design for the entrance of a brick or stone house is a Tzuras Hapesach (an opening formed by two
Can Maaser money be given to someone that isn’t Jewish yet, but is very seriously in the process of conversion? - Please see here on our website. The same applies in this case. Question 2: I'm wondering if someone that is
Am I obligated to give Maaser from food stamps? - No. The money is to be used for food specifically. See a similar discussion here.

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