Halacha2go Archive – The One Minute Practical Halacha

848 The Rule of Sirchei Nakit: One Acts According to Habit
847 If in Doubt Daven Again
846 Has 24 hours passed?
845 Post-Shabbos Prayers: Praise, Protection and… Procrastination
844 Because my Books Aren’t Really Mine
843 Does this Bris need a do-over?
842 Glove-free Mitzvos
841 When a Brachah on Food May Not Count
840 A Last-Minute Maariv
839 Warning Your Wife: Would-be Sotah Scenario?
838 Stuffing of Sinners, Part II
837 Stuffing of Sinners, Part I
836 Socializing and Eating with Students
835 Who has your butcher’s back?
834 Status of a Pre-Toiveled Gift
833 Of Women and Wine: Kiddush vs. Havdalah
832 Must I publicize that food was purchased with Ma’aser?
831 How to Heed: Participating in a Brachah
830 Oh, no! Have I missed Minyan?
829 Of Mirrors and Men
828 Au Courant: Commercial Cooking and Kashrus Concerns
827 A Kerfuffle with Kiddush or Coffee
826 May I Benefit from a Jew’s Shabbos Recording?
825 “Oh, no! I forgot to say the Brachah before separating Challah!”
824 Halachic HR: Who decides the grey areas of employment?
823 What does Halachah say about Genetic Screening?
822 Inhibitors for Inheritance, or Rules for Non-Relatives
821 A Psak on Portraiture
820 May a non-mourner eat in a house of mourning?
819 Inside and Out the Parameters of an Eruv
818 Hefsek: Nattering, “Nu…” or only a Nod
817 Do we need to host a Sheva Brachos every day?
816 When is saying “the truth” problematic?
815 A King for Today
814 Do I make a Brachah on water during a meal?
813 Ranking Aliyos: Maftir vs. the Rest
812 Father & Son Mikvah
811 Know Your Bread
810 The Shochet and his Knife
809 Not Nonchalant on a Name Change
808 Dual Definitions of Discernible Damage
807 When there’s a Fire on Shabbos
806 Be the Best You Can Be
805 May I serve on a shul board with irreligious members?
804 Life Insurance: Prudent policy or failure of faith?
803 What brachah on seedless fruit?
802 “But it’s only a D’Rabbanan, anyway!”
801 Weekend Traveler’s Dilemma: What to Wear?
800 The Halachah of Bach Flower Remedies
799 Going Shoeless: Is it a Bubbe Meiseh?
798 The Case for a Pareve Cutting Board
797 Forgoing Payment: A Foregone Conclusion?
796 The Psak on Plagiarism
795 May I say Baruch Hamavdil in the bathroom?
794 A Kaddish Quorum in Question
793 Sensitivity for a Suspect Sefer Torah
792 The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Displays
791 Bless the Dress, but Shun the Shoes
790 When may an Avel take a break?
789 Why are Shabbos clocks OK?
788 When it’s Too Cold to be Kosher
786 The DIY Yom Tov
785 A Kohein in Mourning
784 Channeling Hashem’s Holy Name
783 What to Plan for: Shabbos Chanukah
782 What’s special about Rosh Chodesh Teves?
781 Who should light Ner Chanukah?
780 Light Up at Home
779 How much must I pay to participate in the Mitzvah of Ner Chanukah?
778 Chanukah for Partier and Travelers
777 What’s the exact time?
776 Forgoing the Facilities vs. Missing Minyan
775 Why you should support Halacha2go
774 Don’t Fall Asleep at the Wheel!
773 Learning for Life: A Halachic Hierarchy
772 When A Rav Refuses to Rule
771 A Calf that is Sold like Chometz
770 Is a child to be trusted to check vegetables for insects?
769 Small Talk During a Sheva Brachos
768 To be Machmir or Not: The Neighbor who Pushes the Envelope
767 The Business of Marriage: Modern Approach
766 The Business of Marriage: A Traditional Approach
765 Washed-up Negel Vasser
764 Is being fired in fury forever?
763 Tefillah and its Meditations
762 Chakiros in Halachah: Is philosophizing futile or fulfilling?
761 A Matter of Interest: The Two-for-One Trade
760 When does a minority halachic opinion come into play?
759 Delaying a Trip to the Bathroom
758 Elements of a Zimun
757 May I profit from work done for me on Shabbos? מ״מ
756 On Nocturnal Nuptials מ״מ
755 What is considered premeditated work on Shabbos? מ״מ
754 Making the Case for a Muchzak מ״מ
753 May I use a warming drawer on Shabbos? מ״מ
752 A Virtuous Vendor Worthy of His Weights מ״מ
751 The Torah Perspective on Cloning
750 Going the Extra Mile in Money Matters
749 The Halachah of Colors
748 May I regift non-Kosher wine? מ״מ
747 Plunging a Clogged Toilet on Shabbos מ״מ
746 When Things Might Get Fishy with Meat מ״מ
745 May a Kohen Fly over a Graveyard? מ״מ
744 May I Daven in a Multi-Faith Prayer Room? מ״מ
743 Showering before Davening מ״מ
742 Who Talks to Angels? מ״מ
741 Permission to light candles in rental מ״מ
740 Milchigs, Fleishigs & Pareve in the Fridge מ״מ
739 Are Public Hot-Water Urns Kosher? מ״מ
738 Voting According to Halachah מ״מ
737 Ma’aser on Gift Money מ״מ
736 May I buy out a Jew in a bank foreclosure? מ״מ
735 The Halachos of Organ Donation מ״מ
734 What’s in an “Amen”? מ״מ
733 Can I Pasken from Halacha2go? מ״מ
732 Choosing a Kesubah: Handwritten, Fill-in-the-Blanks or Computerized? מ״מ
731 Liquid Displacements: When Wine Tops Them Off מ״מ
730 What if I need to speak after saying Hamapil? מ״מ
729 May we rationalize Chukim? מ״מ
728 Stumbling blocks מ״מ
727 When Kashering an Oven from Fleishig to Milchig is OK
726 Should I Daven Hallel with the Minyan if I have no Lulav?
725 The Mitzvah of Chinuch: Is elementary education enough? מ״מ
724 Sizing up Shiurim: Modern-Day Measuring—Up or Down? מ״מ
723 Why do we say Vidui so many times?
722 Ground Rules for Scouring a Knife מ״מ
721 Buying and Selling (Aliyos) on Shabbos מ״מ
720 Is wiretap evidence admissible in Beis Din? מ״מ
719 Play-by-Play: The Case of the Non-Kosher Oven
718 Do I have to fast?
717 The Constraints of Cutting Across a Crowded Shul
716 May I take my medication on Shabbos?
715 May I support a Kollel learner with Ma’aser?
714 What’s the story with second-hand smoke?
713 Deserting your Company at the Table
712 A Baby Boy’s Name before the Bris
711 When Private Playgroup Poses a Problem
710 The Cholent Pot and the Water Urn on Shabbos: Got Them Covered?
709 A Generational Gap: Let’s Talk about Chumros
708 “What a Geshmake Shiur” vs. “That’s my favorite Parashah”
707 The Yeses and Noes of the Breakaway Minyan
706 Kashrus Q: What is the upshot of steam?
705 What should be a fundraiser’s cut?
704 Shabbos How-to for Pet Owners
703 To Get or not to Get: Remarriage after Civil Marriage
702 May I use my neighbor’s WiFi without permission?
701 How Tzitzis Strings Should Hang
700 Hot Debate: Keeping Food Cold on Shabbos
699 How many times a day should I stand up for my parents?
698 Walk-in Closet Concerns: How Large for a Mezuzah?
697 Must I always arrange for witnesses when lending money?
696 Kedushah Recoup: A Minyan for One and for All
695 May I attend a social event at a Reform temple?
694 Do my Cheerios have to be Pas Yisroel?
693 Is wearing a cap & gown Chukos Hagoyim? מ״מ
692 Overnight Shipping for Shabbos מ״מ
691 The Kim Li Concept מ״מ
690 Where are your Peyos? מ״מ
689 “Can you spell that [Yiddish name] please?” מ״מ
688 Making Sense of Sfeik Sfeika מ״מ
687 Sunlight & Scenery: When the Neighbor’s Expansion Encroaches מ״מ
686 Snubbing Scoffers vs. Retaining Dignity מ״מ
685 Halachos of Colicky Babies מ״מ
684 Salutation Snafu: How to Address Your Parents מ״מ
683 How to Play it Safe with a Sefer מ״מ
682 Torah for the People (and not for Angels) מ״מ
681 Kaddish Yasom for the No-Mourner Minyan
680 “Mazel Tov on your Remarriage!” (But where are the kids?)
679 Handing out House Keys to Preclude Yichud
678 Forgiving a Loan: Does intention count?
677 “Wait a minute! Did I leave anything behind?”
676 How is your Scotch “finished”?
675 In a House of Mourning
674 Dealing with an Unfolded Tallis
673 When Holy Words Meet the Whiteboard Eraser
672 “Rabbi, two jars of ketchup were sitting on my counter. Suddenly…”
671 ”Isn’t it enough to have a Mezuzah on my front door?”
670 The Rule of the Holy iPad
669 The Fallout of a Young Boy Estranged from his Father
668 Do we say at the Chuppah: Two Witnesses, excluding others?
667 Negel Vasser and Midnight Feedings
666 Mr. David and Rabbi Israel on Board the “Special” Bus מ״מ
665 The Laws of Lo Plug
664 Why don’t most people Toivel aluminum pans?
663 May I use my son’s gifts to pay for his Bar Mitzvah celebration? מ״מ
662 When a Child Does a Sit-Down on Shabbos מ״מ
661 “Would you please lead the Bentching?” מ״מ
660 Galgal Hachozer: When Halachah Runs in Circles מ״מ
659 Hotel Snack Bar: Story of a Soda Swap מ״מ
658 Does CCTV qualify as Shmirah? מ״מ
657 Guidelines for the Graphologist מ״מ
656 Is using a flameless heater considered cooking on Shabbos? מ״מ
655 Ambulancing on the Shabbos Front—in the Heat and Cold מ״מ
654 Cosmetic Surgery in Halachah מ״מ
653 A Day in the Life of a Shomer Chinam מ״מ
652 When should a Beis Din disclose the reasoning behind their Psak? מ״מ
651 Mezuman on a Microphone? מ״מ
650 Is a can opener Muktzah on Shabbos? מ״מ
649 Who obeys every traffic law? מ״מ
648 Minchah and Maariv at the Wedding Meal מ״מ
647 “Of course I’m Jewish—my grandmother spoke Yiddish!” מ״מ
646 Best Mezuzah Placement: The Case of the Double Front Portal מ״מ
645 “Torah Topics in the NY Times!?”
644 May my website generate revenue on Shabbos?
643 Do I interrupt Davening to say Shema with the Minyan?
642 May I answer Amen to a Brachah heard via Webcam? מ״מ
641 The Chavrusah: Yea or Nay מ״מ
640 Is celebrating the 75th a Jewish thing? מ״מ
639 Is gematria a waste of time?
638 When Runoff Ruins the Day of Rest
637 When is it okay for a doctor to induce labor?
636 When can I disagree with the mara d’asra?
635 Horseback Riding for Women
634 The Principle of Palliative Care
633 Paying Wages on Time: Cash, Credit Card or Check
632 “I was out camping on Shabbos…”
631 How do I deal with a fool?
630 I cancelled the taxi; must I pay anyway?
629 The Case of Milk in the Sugar Bowl
628 When is it time to move house?
627 Negative Reviews on a “Rate your Sheitel” Forum
626 May I brush my teeth on Shabbos?
625 How essential are the Trop? מ״מ
624 I’m in middle of learning; should I stop to answer Kaddish?
623 Must I wash Negel Vasser after a nap? מ״מ
622 May I bake a cake in a Fleishig oven and then eat it with milk? מ״מ
621 May I use a Shabbos or Yom Tov candle as a pre-existing flame? מ״מ
620 May an expectant mother undergo chemo? מ״מ
619 “Oops! I forgot to make a Brachah!” מ״מ
618 Shaimos Bag How-To: Where does it go before Genizah? מ״מ
617 The Tale of the Switched Tallis מ״מ
616 I’m invited out; where do I light Shabbos candles? מ״מ
615 A Recalcitrant Rav under House Arrest מ״מ
614 Bikur Cholim vs. Nichum Aveilim מ״מ
613 Making a Bracha on a Food Mishmash: Which food comes first? מ״מ
612 Must I endanger myself to save others? מ״מ
611 May a chassan drive during the week of Sheva Brachos? מ״מ
610 Should I make Havdalah in the taxi? מ״מ
609 Can I sneak out after the chuppah? מ״מ
608 Vocalizing Hashem’s Name מ״מ
607 Should I make Hamotzie a second time? מ״מ
606 Halachah of Torts: The Non-Committal Version
605 Mistaken Advice & Halachah of Torts מ״מ
604 Showering After the Mikvah—for Men מ״מ
603 The Silent Hefsek מ״מ
602 Birchas HaTorah: Sine Qua Non? מ״מ
601 Women & Girls in the Workforce מ״מ
600 Answering Amen to a Preschooler’s Blessing מ״מ
599 Sir, may I have a cold drink? No lemon, please. מ״מ
598 May my website remain open on Shabbos? מ״מ
597 When a Compliment Tends Towards Flattery מ״מ
596 To Tell or not to Tell מ״מ
595 May I testify in a secular court? מ״מ
594 What’s the date? מ״מ
593 Myth or fact: Rewashing info for bread מ״מ
592 Early Shabbos מ״מ
591 Nursing on Shabbos מ״מ
590 On the store’s dime or mine?
589 Does toothpaste have to be Kosher? מ״מ
588 When Whole Wheat is “Less Than”
587 Bentching When You Can’t Hear Yourself Speak מ״מ
586 Don’t Forget Eiruv Tavshilin (Second Days of Yom Tov)!
585 I Didn’t Hold Down My Matzah. What now?
584 What Do I Do If I Find Chametz on Pesach?
583 If I Forgot to Recline, Must I “Do Over”?
582 What Work is Forbidden on Erev Pesach After Chatzos?
581 Bedikas Chometz in the Weeks Before Pesach
580 Attending a Yoledes on Shabbos
579 Do new keilim need to be kashered?
578 The Parameters of Mi’ut Hamatzui
577 Answering Shaalos via Email
576 Is vegetarianism compatible with Torah values?
575 Meeting an Ex-Spouse for the purpose of Remarrying
574 Wearing a Watch on Shabbos
573 When Mitzvos are done without Kavanah
572 Who has priority: the one who wants the window open, or the one who wants it closed?
571 May one publicize their tzedakah contributions?
570 Is it permissible to buy clothing for the baby before birth?
569 May I offer my services to an employer if it might cause someone else to lose their job?
568 Kiddush on Uncovered Wine
567 Flushing a Toilet with a Coloring Disinfectant on Shabbos
566 Viewing Non Kosher Animals
565 Is it permissible to distribute candies to children?
564 Marrying a Girl from a Non-Frum Family
563 What is the value of a perutah? מ״מ
562 I damaged a car while rushing to prepare for Shabbos; am I liable? מ״מ
561 A Freilchen Purim
560 Kol B’ishah: Women Singing in the presence of Men מ״מ
559 Should a beis din annul a neder made to quit smoking? מ״מ
558 Till when may I wash for seudah shlishis? מ״מ
557 Kablanus on Shabbos מ״מ
556 May I put cold ice cream on hot crumble cake on Shabbos? מ״מ
555 Halachos of Damages with Cars מ״מ
554 Paying a School Fine from Maaser Money מ״מ
553 I hired a contractor but failed to set a price in advance; do I have to pay whatever he demands? מ״מ
552 I lent my friend a car and now the audio player isn’t working; who is responsible? מ״מ
551 Am I responsible for money stolen from my tzedakah pushka?
550 One Handled Faucet on Shabbos
549 Deceiving a Worker Suspected of Theft
548 My host’s kashrus standards are not up to my own, what do I do?
547 I took on a hachlatah, but now I wish I hadn’t. May I stop it?
546 The Halachos of Chewing Gum
545 Solutions to the Safek Brachah Conundrum מ״מ
544 The Halachah of Davar Gush מ״מ
543 Who is responsible for maintenance work at a rental property? מ״מ
542 Eating Olives מ״מ
541 How to perform the mitzvah of shiluach haken? מ״מ
540 Why aren’t bugs batel bshishim? May we just grind the vegetables without checking them? מ״מ
539 My child found a ball on the school bus; can he keep it? מ״מ
538 Using the same Sharpener for Dairy and Meat Knives מ״מ
537 How to Measure a Kezayis? מ״מ
536 Can a product with a non kosher ingredient ever be kosher? מ״מ
535 The Mitzvah of Simchah מ״מ
534 Kashering Liver more than Three Days after Shechita מ״מ
533 Should Divorcees Keep in Contact? מ״מ
532 Cruise over Shabbos: All you Need to Know
531 Mixed Swimming Exercise or Skating מ״מ
530 Shabbos for Diabetics מ״מ
529 Must I listen to every demand my parents make of me? מ״מ
528 Paying Less then Minimum Wages מ״מ
527 Acceptable Postures and Positions מ״מ
526 Must I wipe a cup clean before pouring hot water on Shabbos? מ״מ
525 Carrying Guns on Shabbos מ״מ
524 A woman has made a neder and is not comfortable approaching a beis din what options does she have? מ״מ
523 Do oven racks require tevilah? מ״מ
522 Seven Branched Candelabra מ״מ
521 Which books are okay to read in the bathroom? מ״מ
520 Using an Urn with a Measuring Gauge on Shabbos מ״מ
519 Is there a way I can get my child to turn on the light on Shabbos? מ״מ
518 Closing School for Funerals מ״מ
517 What to do with a sefer Torah that it’s no longer useable? מ״מ
516 Which mitzvos aren’t obligatory for women yet they do most involved? מ״מ
515 How important is it to wear a tallis katan at all times? מ״מ
514 A spouse’s name was changed. How does it affect the kesubah? מ״מ
513 Is using a “Shabbos” electric scooter permissible? מ״מ
512 The Importance of Drinking along with Eating מ״מ
511 I’m in middle of Shemoneh Esrei and the chazan began Kedushah. What should I do? מ״מ
510 Is a mitzvah valid if we add a t’nai (stipulation) to it? מ״מ
509 How many people must participate in the davening in order to have a minyan? מ״מ
508 May I use water on Shabbos if the usage is being recorded by a digital meter? מ״מ
507 May I use tzedakah money to pay a fine incurred while doing a mitzvah? מ״מ
506 Why do people rip out grass upon leaving the cemetery? מ״מ
505 May I give my employees pointless work to keep them busy? מ״מ
504 May I separate ma’aser on behalf of future income? מ״מ
503 Does accumulating dough in the freezer create a shiur for separating challah? מ״מ
502 May the elderly or infirm use a wheelchair on the street on Shabbos? מ״מ
501 How long should the candles remain burning at a chupah? מ״מ
500 Staring at a Wicked Person מ״מ
499 May I sleep alone in my house? מ״מ
498 May I say Tehillim at night? מ״מ
497 What is considered a chatzitzah for women during netilas yadayim? מ״מ
496 May I separate on Shabbos two pages of a book that are stuck together? מ״מ
495 The age for Hafroshas Challah מ״מ
494 Drinking Water During the Tekufah מ״מ
493 Bread made from Wheat Flour and other Flour מ״מ
492 How Much Hair may a Married Woman Expose? מ״מ
491 Haircuts and Cutting Nails at Night מ״מ
490 Closed Circuit TV on Shabbos מ״מ
489 I hired a worker to do a job, but then he raised the price. מ״מ
488 The Obligation to pay when Informing on Another Yid מ״מ
487 Letting Someone Else through the Mikvah Turnstile without a Pass מ״מ
486 Should a Baal Teshuvah Name his Child after his Father? מ״מ
485 May I use Maaser Money to buy a Ticket at an Auction? מ״מ
484 May I Spray Whipped Cream on Shabbos? מ״מ
483 Is it Okay to Sleep on the bed of a Niftar? מ״מ
482 Is There any Advantage to Retzuos that are Painted Black on Both Sides? מ״מ
481 Demolishing a Wall of the Shul מ״מ
480 Shanah Rishonah מ״מ
479 A Brachah on Rivers מ״מ
478 Crockpots and Shabbos מ״מ
477 A Milchig Dish Mixed with Fleishig Dishes מ״מ
476 Tefillas Haderech on the Plane מ״מ
475 Glitch in the Airline’s Computer System: May I buy the Cheap Tickets? מ״מ
474 Paying for a Shul Dinner from Maaser מ״מ
473 Paying for a Mi Shebeirach from Maaser מ״מ
472 Doughnuts in Halachah מ״מ
471 Hearing Lashon Hara מ״מ
470 Davening in a Foyer מ״מ
469 Shem Shenishtaka: How a Name Becomes Obsolete מ״מ
468 Checking Eggs מ״מ
467 Height of Menorah מ״מ
466 Cutting Oranges on Shabbos מ״מ
465 If there is no Kohen… מ״מ
464 Mezuzah in Offices and Schools מ״מ
463 Knowing Hashem or Believing? מ״מ
462 Kashering Glass מ״מ
461 Must Granolas be Bishul Yisrael? מ״מ
460 May one Prepare Sushi on Shabbos? מ״מ
459 How to Count Seven Days for Sheva Brachos? מ״מ
458 Are Styrofoam Cups Kosher? מ״מ
457 What can be Wrong with Dentures? מ״מ
456 V’sen Tal U’matar for Travelers מ״מ
455 Making your own Yom Tov מ״מ
454 Why Do Non Jews Work on Shabbos in Shuls? מ״מ
453 What do I Need to Know to Fulfill the Mitzvah of Talmud Torah? מ״מ
452 Leaning During Shemoneh Esrai מ״מ
451 Identification System to Distinguish between Rashi and Rabbeinu Tam Tefillin מ״מ
450 Secular Newspapers or Websites מ״מ
449 If I Forgot to Say the Morning Blessings… מ״מ
448 Making Ice on Shabbos מ״מ
447 Kiddush Levanah for Women מ״מ
446 Moving a Sefer Torah to Another Shul מ״מ
445 Separating Attached Yogurts on Shabbos מ״מ
444 Adoption in Halachah מ״מ
443 Can I Use Hot Water from a Fleishig Pot for A Milchig Coffee? מ״מ
442 A Non-Jew Using an Elevator on Shabbos for a Wheelchair Patient מ״מ
441 Drying Lettuce in a Salad Spinner on Shabbos מ״מ
440 How Should a Chazan Use His Beautiful Voice? מ״מ
439 Is A Person Who Uses Unfiltered Internet Kosher as a Witness? מ״מ
438 Al Hamichya instead of Benching and Other Mistakes מ״מ
437 Prostate Surgery מ״מ
436 Is Shabbos Makeup Kosher for Shabbos? מ״מ
435 Can my Blender be Considered Parve if I Used it to Blend Meat?  מ״מ
434 Saying Tehillim Baal Peh מ״מ
433 Sealing Windows or Doors מ״מ
432 Why is Talking During Davening So Severe? מ״מ
431 Dropping Off Your Shaimos in Shul מ״מ
430 How Much Challah Should I Bake? מ״מ
429 Leaning on a Bimah מ״מ
428 Living in a Frum Neighborhood מ״מ
427 Does a Bechor Receive a Double Portion from Savings Accounts? מ״מ
426 The Brachah of Granola מ״מ
425 Separate Grates for Dairy and Meat מ״מ
424 Break between Shacharis and Leining מ״מ
423 Tevilas Ezra מ״מ
422 Mezuzah When Renting מ״מ
421 May a Pashran (Arbitratror) Change His Psak? מ״מ
420 Morning Brachos at Home מ״מ
419 Kiddushin: Not a Laughing Matter
418 How to Repay a Loan?
417 Waiting 24 Hours Before Kashering
416 We Need a Tenth for the Minyan: Are You Bar Mitzvah?
415 The Mitzvah of Hakhel
414 If a Pot is Too Heavy to Hold
413 Payment for Work Done on Shabbos
412 Yom Kippur: How Often Can I Make a Berachah on Besamim?
411 Bimah in the Middle of Shul
410 Undershirt Tzitzis
409 Children in Shul
408 Broken Chicken Bones or Discoloration
407 Greeting an Avel
406 Sleeping on Rosh Hashanah
405 5776: Shnas Hakhel
404 A Mistake in the Raffle
403 Shul Seats from Maaser Money
402 Checking Placement of Mezuzos
401 Kavanah During Davening
400 When May One Pay More Than What They Borrowed?
399 The Mitzvah of Emulating Hashem
398 When Forgetting Where You Put Something is Considered Negligence
397 The Mitzvah of Ahavas Yisroel
396 Customs for Ground Breaking Ceremony
395 Toveling Snapple
394 Money Awarded by a Secular Court when Suing a Jew מ״מ
393 The Obligation to Report when Witnessing Damages מ״מ
392 Facing with your Back to the Aron Kodesh מ״מ
391 Davening at a Distant Shule מ״מ
390 Klolei Haposkim: General Guidelines in Halachah מ״מ
389 Is a Minor Permitted to Place the Parshiyos in the Tefillin? מ״מ
388 Suicide in Halachah
387 Har Sinai in Shule: Reading the Torah
386 Get Your Clothing Yourself!
385 Are Gifts for Sale?
384 Do I Pay Back the Real or Discount Price?
383 When Can Holy Items Be Used for Mundane Purposes?
382 Reciting Tehillim מ״מ
381 What Does the Mitzvah of Teshuvah Entail? מ״מ
380 Which Liquids are Acceptable for Netilas Yadayim? מ״מ
379 Lo Tisgodedu: Conflicting Rulings in One Community מ״מ
378 What Mikvah is Kosher for Men? מ״מ
377 Reciting Tefillas Haderech for Others מ״מ
376 Panim Chadashos and the Minyan for Sheva Brachos מ״מ
375 Playing Ball in a Park on Shabbos מ״מ
374 Privacy in the Back Yard מ״מ
373 Visiting Kivrei Tzadikim מ״מ
372 Beverages for Kiddush: Order of Priority מ״מ
371 Helping Childless Couples מ״מ
370 Father-in-law and Son-In-in Law Sharing Names מ״מ
369 Can a Non-Jew Light Shabbos Candles for Me? מ״מ
368 How Much Bread Requires Washing with a Brachah? מ״מ
367 Kashering a Microwave מ״מ
366 Laws of Nursing מ״מ
365 Six Hour Waiting Period for Sharp Foods מ״מ
364 Tisha B’Av After Chatzos
363 Exercise on Shabbos
362 Building the Beis Hamikdash
361 Microscopic Reality in Halachah
360 Talking while Eating
359 Toiveling Electric Dishes
358 The Early Minchah
357 Fake Money on Shabbos
356 Children as Shomrim for Yichud
355 OCD in Halachah
354 Changing Diapers in front of Sefarim
353 The Brachah on Sushi
352 The Rule of Shtei Kedeiros (Two Pots) מ״מ
351 How to Recite Kabbolas Shabbos מ״מ
350 Motioning during Davening מ״מ
349 Supporting Torah vs. Buying a Sefer Torah מ״מ
348 Kashrus of Battim מ״מ
347 Payment for a Mohel מ״מ
346 Behavior on a Fast Day מ״מ
345 Tosefes Shabbos (Adding to Shabbos): Mentally or Verbally? מ״מ
344 Zecher L’Churban (Remembering the Destruction of the Beis Hamikdash) when Renovating מ״מ
343 Interest Accrued in Savings Account over Shabbos מ״מ
342 The Parameters of Adopting a Chumrah (Stringency) מ״מ
341 Mesiras Nefesh (Self Sacrifice) Beyond the Law מ״מ
340 Bar Metzra (The Neighbor’s Right) when Purchasing Property from a Non-Jew מ״מ
339 Potatoes Added to Cholent before Shabbos מ״מ
338 Accessing the Car Trunk on Shabbos מ״מ
337 Acceptance and Expulsion Policies in Schools מ״מ
336 Activities Forbidden Before Davening מ״מ
335 Kiddush in the Presence of Women’s Hair מ״מ
334 Genizah (Kosher Burial) for Accessories of Seforim (Holy Books) מ״מ
333 The Mitzvah of Cleaving to Tzadikim מ״מ
332 Changing Locations when Eating מ״מ
331 When Wine used at a Chuppah needs to be Replaced מ״מ
330 Testing Children Who are Unprepared מ״מ
329 When to Recite Hagomel מ״מ
328 May Neighbors Object to a Playgroup? מ״מ
327 Muktzah with a Holy Coin מ״מ
326 May I call my Son Avremil? מ״מ
325 Mikvah for Intermarried Women מ״מ
324 Brachah on the Remaining Tofel (Secondary Food) מ״מ
323 Drinking in the Shower מ״מ
322 The Yud Knot of Tefillin מ״מ
321 Shabbos at a Hotel מ״מ
320 Pronouncing Hashem’s Name when Saying L’shem Yichud מ״מ
319 Is a Toy’en an Acceptable Profession? מ״מ
318 When Challah is Separated from Afar מ״מ
317 Hatoras Nedarim over the Phone מ״מ
316 Harei At… Under the Chuppah מ״מ
315 Maftir to Someone Who Has Difficulty Reading מ״מ
314 Mezuzah: Buying after Renting מ״מ
313 Cooked by a Mechalel Shabbos מ״מ
312 Kiddush Levana on a Cloudy Day מ״מ
311 Sheva Brachos during Seudah Shlishis מ״מ
310 What to Disclose to a Prospective Shidduch?
309 Pet Birds in Halachah
308 Mikvah for Men before Davening
307 Washing after Blood Tests
306 Answering Theoretical Questions regarding Financial Disputes
305 Separating Challah Again and Again
304 Preference for a Levi
303 Sitting on Tombstones
302 How to Reach a Conclusion When Poskim Differ?
301 Order of Priority After Losing your Turn מ״מ
300 Mezuzah for Home Owned by Jew and Non Jew מ״מ
299 Havdalah for Women מ״מ
298 Oneness of Hashem מ״מ
297 How to Daven on an Airplane? מ״מ
296 At a Pidyon Haben ceremony (the redemption of a firstborn son), the baby’s father is asked, as per the text in the Siddur, whether he prefers מ״מ
295 Kissing Kids in Shul מ״מ
294 Yored: Paying for an Job I Never Asked For מ״מ
293 Unpleasant Muktzah in the Dining Room מ״מ
292 Definition of Shok: What needs to be Covered? מ״מ
291 Pizza without a Kashrus Seal מ״מ
290 Favors to Lender מ״מ
289 Bishul Akum with Sardines מ״מ
288 Kosher Switch or Shabbos App Are the Permissible? מ״מ
287 Eating before Kiddush מ״מ
286 “Baked after Pesach”: Is it Relevant? מ״מ
285 Not Interrupting Between Mayim Acharonim and Benching מ״מ
284 Demonstrating Respect for Sefarim מ״מ
283 Eating the Edge of a Challah מ״מ
282 Must I let a Kohen go before me on the Line? מ״מ
281 Attitude to Tzedakah מ״מ
280 Anticipating the Coming of Moshiach מ״מ
279 Trying on A Suit not Checked for Shaatnez מ״מ
278 Parameters of Not Being a Nosheh (Harassing a Borrower) מ״מ
277 Berachah on New Trees
276 Shehecheyanu on Grafted Fruits
275 Preparations for a Shabbos Seder
274 Safeguarding Chometz after the Bedikah
273 Fast of the Firstborn
272 Birthday Celebrations מ״מ
271 Kashering Braces or Dentures
270 Bedikas Chometz when Traveling for Pesach
269 Renting Property to Non-Jews
268 Qualifications for a Shochet
267 Collecting Tzedakah During Davening
266 Teacher who Lost Students Computer
265 Lashon Hara about Oneself מ״מ
264 Cellphones During Davening מ״מ
263 Electric Shabbos Candles מ״מ
262 Selling Olam Haba מ״מ
261 Standing During Chazoras Hashatz מ״מ
260 Are Torah MP3’s Considered Learning Torah מ״מ
259 Talking Torah After Nail Cutting מ״מ
258 Mesirah Regarding Abuse מ״מ
257 Pi Tikrah – Roofs Extending Out מ״מ
256 When Negel Vasser Isn’t Available מ״מ
255 Frivolous Contracts with Employees מ״מ
254 Removing Door that has a Mezuzah מ״מ
253 Marrying Two Wives מ״מ
252 Yibbum Vs. Chalitzah מ״מ
251 Lego on Shabbos מ״מ
250 Matnos Laevyonim מ״מ
249 Prenuptial Agreements מ״מ
248 Using Someones Tefillin מ״מ
247 Knock Before Entering מ״מ
246 Building a Mikvah מ״מ
245 Cursing מ״מ
244 Feeding Animals First מ״מ
243 Men Growing Long Hair מ״מ
242 Safeguarding the Kesubah מ״מ
241 Interest on a Credit Card מ״מ
240 How to Choose a Sofer? מ״מ
239 Covering the Chest מ״מ
238 Who Deserves Child Custody? מ״מ
237 Position During Tachanun מ״מ
236 A Will According to Torah מ״מ
235 How Much is a Kezayis? מ״מ
234 Torah in Bathroom or Bath House מ״מ
233 Snow on Shabbos מ״מ
232 Negiyah between Relatives מ״מ
231 Separating Challah at a“Challah Bake” מ״מ
230 Who Qualifies as Mesader Kiddushin? מ״מ
229 Food Touched without Negel Vasser מ״מ
228 When & How Much to Sleep? מ״מ
227 Raffle on Shabbos מ״מ
226 Simchas Chasan V’Kallah מ״מ
225 Fruit Order of Preference מ״מ
224 Trusting a Mechalel Shabbos
223 Payment for Canceling Appointments
222 Behavior During Pregnancy
221 Who May Say Kaddish Yasom?
220 Reciting the Shira Daily
219 Extra Soda Can from the Machine
218 Shoveling Snow
217 Davening for Women
216 Shadchanus Gelt
215 Baby Wipes on Shabbos
214 Tznius: Long Loose Hair or Shaitlach
213 Melachah on Rosh Chodesh
212 Issues with Non-Jewish Cleaning Help
211 Beriya: a Berachah Acharonah when Eating Less than a Kezayis
210 How to Choose a Mohel?
209 Lifnei Iver when Inviting Guests for Shabbos
208 Learning Halacha Before Anything Else
207 Talking in the Restroom
206 Pension for Senior Employees
205 Disposing of Shaimos which Were Not Used
204 Disposing of Separated Challah
203 Using a Child for Tevilas Keilim
202 Coming Early to Shul
201 Proper Walking
200 Wedding Expenses from Maaser Money מ״מ
199 Shecheyanu on New Fruit
198 Gloves on Shabbos
197 Blessing on Wine During a meal
196 Preparation for Prayer
195 Hesach Hadaas when Wearing Tefillin
194 Wine Touched by Non-Jews
193 Kiddush Levana Outdoors
192 Splurging on Wedding Expenses
191 Opening Cans on Shabbos
190 Carrying Tefillin Respectfully
189 Beracha on Crackers
188 Elokai Neshama when Waking Up Twice
187 Mikvah at Private Home
186 Sitting near Someone Praying
185 When to light Menorah on Friday
184 Tzitzis when Sleeping
183 Time of Menorah Lighting
182 Where to Light the Menorah
181 Hesach Hadaas from Eating
180 Non Kosher Pills
179 Carrying a Child Holding Muktzah
178 Six Constant Mitzvos
177 Promising Gifts to a Child
176 Chazan Who Makes Mistakes
175 Preparing the Table for Benching
174 Blessing on Lighting and Thunder
173 Early Maariv
172 Praying for Rain
171 Planting Memorial Trees
170 Language of Tombstones
169 Dimensions of Rooms for Mezuzah
168 Beverages Uncovered Overnight מ״מ
167 Medication on Shabbos
166 Timing of Blessing on Tallis
165 Changing to Alternative Medicine
164 Rewashing During a Meal
163 Kosher Conversions
162 Hallel with a Minyan
161 Clapping Hands on Shabbos
160 Dough with Non-Sweet Filling
159 Men Separating Challah
158 Soaking is like Cooking
157 When to Remove Tefillin?
156 Doubts in Davening
155 How to Comfort Mourners?
154 Raising a Hand to another
153 Rebuking One’s Spouse
152 Bal Tashchis of Clothing
151 If One Errs and Puts on Rabbeinu Tam Tefilin Instead of Rashi…
150 Answering Omen Y’hei Shemai Rabbah
149 Tablecloth on Fire – Shabbos
148 Halachos of a Chupah
147 Chatzitzah
146 Work Given to a Kablan over Shabbos
145 Hair Covering for Women
144 Coffee or Tea for Havdalah
143 The Correct Attitude to Converts
142 Playing Monopoly
141 Correct Spelling of Names
140 Spousal Obligations
139 Redeeming your Donkey
138 Cleaning Help on Shabbos
137 Washing Dishes on Shabbos
136 Gifts to the Kohen
135 May We Eat Sandwiches?
134 Images of Sun & Moon
133 Mezuzah When Moving
132 Ashuris Font
131 Extended Video: Chol Hamoed
130 Lulav for Children
129 Visiting Friends in their Sukkah
128 The First Night of Sukkos
127 Preparing Food for After Yom Kippur
126 Kaporos
125 Kashrus in the Holy Land – Shmitta
124 Protecting Our Thoughts
123 Hamelech Hakodosh
122 Fasting
121 Eruv Tavshilin
120 Debt Cancellation & Pruzbul
119 Laws of Shofar
118 When Not to Forgive?
117 Ripping on Shabbos
116 Waking Up Parents
115 Men & Women Interaction at Work
114 Sanctity of Shemitta Produce
113 Adding Hot Water to a Cholent
112 Whistling / Blowing Out Candles מ״מ
111 Correct Bracha on Mixture of Foods II
110 Correct Bracha on Mixture of Foods I
109 Is It OK to Say Thank G-d?
108 Washing for a Meal After Restroom
107 Kissing the Mezuzah
106 Who Gets Priority to Lead the Davening at Omud on a Yahrtzeit?
105 Delivering Not Good News
104 Shabbos: Tags on Clothing
103 Brochos—What to Have in Mind II
102 Brochos—What to Have in Mind I
101 Kiddush Wine Distribution
100 Sharing a Mezuzah with a Non-Jew
99 Reading on Shabbos
98 A clean cup for Kiddush
97 Mid night Wake up
96 Return Policy (Follow Up to #68)
95 Baking Challah on Erev Shabbos
94 Loshon hora
93 Shiduchim
92 Spilling Wine
91 Bar and Bas mitzvah
90 Times for Shacharis II
89 Times for Shacharis
88 Having a Dog at Home
87 Folding Tallis
86 Maaser
85 Shma on time
84 Shaimos
83 Advertising
82 Slicing the Challah on Shabbos
81 Going to Court
80 A Kosher Mikvah
79 Price inquiries
78 Milk and Meat for Babies
77 Mishum Sakono
76 Co-op
75 Gifts on Shabbos
74 Bishul Goyim
73 How Foods Combine for Brochos
72 (70) The Mitzvah of Kiddush II
71 Kavonos when Saying Hashem’s Name
70 (69) Buying and Giving Presents during the Nine Days
69 (72) Bentching in the Home of a Gentile
68 68 Return Policy – Buying & Returning
67 Mezuza
66 Coffee shop – Does a coffee shop need a Hechsher?
65 Doing his job
64 Tzedoko 2
63 Ultrasound
62 Is Yoga Kosher?
61 Making Enough Brochos?
60 Pictures of Women
59 Pidyon Shvuim for a Thief
58 Is the Fruit Orla?
57 Burial of Placenta
56 Tuition paid from Maaser money
55 Can a woman be home alone with a male worker?
54 Mezonos Part 2
53 Mezonos Part 1
52 Bargaining
51 Say Bli Neder Before Doing
50 Combing Hair on Shabbos
49 Baking in a Fleishige Oven
48 Collecting Tzedakah vs. Working
47 Heads or Tails: Permissible?
46 Kidush 6-7
45 Haircuts
44 Types of Mezonos
43 Brochos
42 Mechitza
41 Washing before eating No text
40 Tzedoko – How to Pledge Properly?
39 Tefilin
38 Taxi
37 Hamapil
36 Sick
35 Stain
34 Thoroughfare
33 Sharp food
32 Shehecheyanu
31 Health and Shabbos
30 Separate seating
29 Bais hachayim
28 Kovod for bread
27 Shavuos No text
26 Keeping what you found
25 Shloishes yemei hagbalah
24 Kidush
23 Hashovas avaidah
22 Girls in men shull
21 fruit from Israel
20 Forgot to light Shabbos candles
19 Fish and Meat
18 Vendors
17 Agreements
16 Benching where you ate
15 Torah order
14 Wake up
13 Lag B’omer
12 Tvilas Keilim Myth
11 Shaving
10 Medicine
9 Pesach Sheni
8 Can I check my Tzitzis on Shabbos?
7 Does Halacha let you speed?
6 Is a Sefer as a Shtender ok?
5 Can I pay tomorrow?
4 Must I wait six hours?
3 Should I call him Shver?
2 To whom must I give Tzedoko?
1 Can a Non-Jew do it on Shabbos?