Article: Proper Walking


A person should not walk in a completely upright position, as that is considered haughty. Arrogance distances the presence of the Shechinah, because arrogant people act as though no one else exists besides themselves.The halachic definition of walking totally upright is if one cannot see the ground next to their toes without having to bend forward.

However, a person should not walk overly bent over; they should be able to see the person next to them without having to lift their eyes too much.

Accordingly, a person should walk with a reasonably balanced posture. Even when walking in such a manner one has to walk relatively slowly in order not to harm themselves, and not to hurt others, as can happen when running in the street.

In any case, running in the streets is not considered an appropriate behavior and is therefore discouraged. If a person is going to do a mitzvah, they may walk quickly, or even run, as zerizus, alacrity, is important in the performance of mitzvos.

At a time when everyone is rushing, and time is of the essence, such as on a Friday afternoon, not only is it a mitzvah to run, but in the event that they cause damage to others or to their property, it is possible that they may not be halachically obligated to pay.



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