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Article: Clothing Tags on Shabbos


If a person discovers a price or cleaning tag attached to one of their garments on Shabbos, but does not particularly care about it being there and will not even remove it after Shabbos, in such a case it is not considered carrying on Shabbos.

However, for a person who is very particular and is always careful to remove tags, this may be considered carrying on Shabbos as the item being carried (the tag) is significant for this individual.

According to some Poskim, in such a case one is not allowed to wear the garment with the tag on Shabbos in a place where one is not allowed to carry.

However, many poskim disagree, and this is the common consensus. A price or cleaning tag is not something of any value, and therefore it is considered Botel (totally secondary to the garment), and one may wear the garment with the tag on Shabbos.

Of course, the best option to avoid this questionable situation is to always check that all price and cleaning tags have been removed before Shabbos.



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