Article: Does a Glass Bottle of Snapple Require Tevilah?


An issue frequently addressed by poskim is whether disposable utensils require Tevilah. The majority opinion is that since these utensils are not intended to last, and will eventually be disposed of, they do not have to be Toveled, and that is indeed the accepted custom.

A more difficult question is whether a disposable glass soft drink bottle has to be Toveled. Regular glass utensils require Tevilah according to all opinions, and are very durable; however, since we live in a time of plenty, very many things are thrown away shortly after use. How do we avoid the issue of Tevilas Keilim in such cases, as for example, Snapple drinks that come in a bottle?

There are poskim who suggest that we may not drink directly from an unToveled glass bottle, but should pour the contents into a cup. (Actually, drinking directly from a bottle is not refined, and is inappropriate.) However, other poskim say that one may drink directly from a glass bottle as long as they bear in mind that they do not wish to take ownership of the bottle, but only the drink. Still, others say that since the bottle is disposable, the assumption is that one does not intend to acquire it, and they certainly do not wish to violate the Mitzvah of Tevilas Keilim. Therefore, they are not required to have that thought in mind. In fact, this is the accepted practice.

However, if one wishes to keep an empty Snapple bottle and refill it, it would then have to be Toveled.



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