Recently I have been feeling Hargashos many times. Do I need to do a Bedika?



Recently I have been feeling Hargashos many times, I do a Bedika, usually it comes out good, however twice it did have blood in it.
The other night I woke up in the middle of the night, I felt something, however, I wasn’t able to determine if I felt a flow coming out, or just wetness on the outside. I didn’t do a Bedika. The next morning I found a spot of blood on my dark blue sheet.

Is this a problem?

In general, if I can’t determine what kind of feeling I have, do I have to do a Bedika just in case?



The requirement to do a Bedika only applies when one feels a Hargasha, which can be either that her entire body is shaking or trembling, or the opening of the uterus, or according to some opinions if she feels the sensation of an internal flow.

These are all very uncommon. Women nowadays never feel the opening of the uterus and hardly ever feel shaking. Even the sensation of a flow is quite uncommon.

The external wetness many women feel when having natural secretions, or the feeling of dampness internally doesn’t require a Bedika.

Furthermore, even the sensation of a flow leaving the body is not considered an Hargasha according to most poskim; only if there is a sensation of a uterine flow, or even within the vagina. Both of these are also not common.

Strictly speaking, if she didn’t do a Bedika or if she found nothing she is still Tamei. She is only Tahor when she finds a secretion with a Tahor color. However, this only applies to real Hargashos. But when having a Hargasha of a vaginal flow – which is the only case applicable nowadays – the rules are different:

L’chatchilla one should do a Bedika. Tight underwear qualifies as a Bedika too. If they didn’t they are not to be considered Tamei.

After birth, within 24 months there is even more reason to be lenient. If they are not sure if they felt a flow there is no need to do a Bedika at all.

In the case you mentioned where you found the next morning a stain on colored blanket, you are Tehora.