Forgot to Light Shabbos Candles


If a woman or girl forgets to light Shabbos candles, there is a Knas, a penalty, that she must light an additional candle from the following week onwards.

There are many discussions In Poskim about this Halacha:

  1. In a case where the forgetfulness is considered to be an absolute accident or for a reason beyond her control;
  2. There is a discussion about whether the same rule applies if she forgot to light candles on a Yom Tov;
  3. If she forgot to light the same number of candles that she normally lights and diminishes their number;
  4. If there is electrical lighting that illuminates the home anyhow; and other similar questions.

In any case where there is a question whether there is a Knas to light an additional candle from the following week onwards or maybe only the following week, a Rov should be consulted as to the details.



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