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Article: Shehechiyanu on Grafted Fruits


There is a debate among poskim whether the brachah of Shehecheyanu, which is said before eating a new fruit, may be said if the fruit is a murkav, grown on a tree that is kilayim (one that was grafted with another species), since grafting trees is not permissible according to halachah.

Many citrus fruits come from trees that were originally grafted. However, for a number of reasons the prevailing custom is to make a Shehecheyanu:

  1. Perhaps the tree was grafted in a permissible manner.
  2. It is likely that the tree was grafted by a non-Jew, and according to many opinions non-Jews do not have the prohibition of harkavah.
  3. It is most likely that the fruit in question is not a direct product from the originally grafted tree, and according to many opinions, in that case it is permissible to say Shehecheyanu.
  4. Many poskim are of the opinion that when there is a halachic doubt regarding saying the brachah of Shehecheyanu, we may be lenient and say it.

For all the above reasons, Shehechyanu is recited before eating a citrus fruit for the first time that season.



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