You can find answers to your questions even before submitting them!

While we are still working with our software developers to improve our search engine, please note the following points so that you can experience better results when searching for your questions:

  • Instead of searching a full question, just enter the main keyword(s) – e.g., “shatnez mattress”.
  • Try looking under the specific category located on the database page – Kilayim > Shatnez.
  • The categories are listed in a alphabetical order, but in the above mentioned example you wouldn’t find it under the letter S, as its a subcategory in Kilayim. To surpass this, you can always use search using your browsers built in find in page (see below).
  • Try to find your question on by typing asktherav followed by (keywords of) your question in the search bar – “asktherav shatnez mattress”.
  • Sometimes your question might be found in the halacha2go website. You can use the search box there, as well as looking for a topic on this page (where some questions are already copied on AskTheRav).

Following these steps can help you get the answers to your questions much faster!



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You can easily search for a letter with your browser’s built in search.

Press Ctrl+F (Windows)

or⌘ Command+F (Mac).

This command can also be found in the Edit menu in Internet Explorer, or in the ☰ menu in Chrome and Firefox, in a mobile phone, the Find command is usually in the browser’s menu, usually called “Find in Page”.