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Are you allowed to jog or run on Shabbos? How about in the weekday? doesn’t it say that one should’t since it takes away 1/500 from his eyesight?


One may not run or jog on Shabbos except for a Mitzva, for example to get to shul.

The Gemara says that even during the week, taking a long stride (more than an Amah between the feet) takes away 1/500 of one’s eyesight (except if for a Mitzva). The cure for this is to look at the Shabbos candles when starting the Friday night kiddush.

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שו”ע אדה”ז מהדו”ק לסימן שא. סי’ רעא סי”ט. סי’ צ סי”ג. ע”פ ברכות דף מג ע”ב ושבת דף קיג ע”ב.




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