What social distancing guidelines do we need to keep for the time of Mashiach?



in the time of Moshiach, we will have a whole new/old set of halachos to adhere to; the laws of taharah. As far as I understand this involves quite a bit of “social distancing” and hygiene. What, if any, of the current guidelines does it pay to keep and make part of our habits to be better prepared for the future?



There are some mitzvas and halachos that we do now so we will be prepared to keep them when Moshiach comes. One of them, washing our hands for bread.

P.S. While the study of these laws is encouraged by the Rebbe (specifically the laws of korbanos for Kohanim), I am not aware that the Rebbe ever encouraged us to practically ready ourselves for Moshiach in such a way. The Rebbe taught us many things to do to hasten his coming as well as to prepare ourselves for it. Additionally, the Rebbe taught us to live with Moshiach – to live a lifestyle fitting for the days of Moshiach.

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האם יש ענין שבכור שהוא לוי יגדל צפורן אגודלו לצורך עבודת המליקה?