Is there an issue flying a single-engine plane?



I have heard once that Rebbe said not to fly a single-engine plane, although I don’t know of any Makor.

I have a friend which owns a small plane that runs on a single engine with 4 seats. He’s an experienced pilot and is willing to give me a ride, would this be a problem?



There is indeed support for this in the Rebbe’s words. See below sources. Whether the Rebbe’s concerns still apply to modern planes is hard to know.

See also links below about the general safety issue.


אג”ק ח”ד ע’ רעג. ח”ט ע’ רצג.





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  • Y. November 7, 2021 - 3 years ago

    I spoke to a friend of mine who works in Delta, who said that nothing has changed regarding the dangers and they really never updated such planes to make them safer. He agreed that it is not very safe. He also mentioned that the main concern is flying over water where there is nowhere to make an emergency landing and that there is a plus with such small planes that they can land on highways if necessary. But overall nothing has changed regarding the dangers the Rebbe warned about.

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