Can I Learn (verbally?) Between Yishtabach and Kaddish?



Our minyan often begins with only 8-9 people and the Chazan sometimes must wait at Borchu for a tenth. Can I say tehillim during this pause (between Yishtabach and Kaddish) or learn Rambam? Can I do so out loud?



You may look in a sefer and learn without verbally saying the words.


שו”ת מעט מים סי’ מב. וראה בארוכה בשו”ת יביע אומר ח”ב או”ח סי’ ד.

P.S.: Accordingly, it is not possible to learn Chitas or Rambam then.

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Is it important to say the words of Chitas and Sefer HaMitzvos, or just learning it (not verbally) suffices?