Someone started warming up shntizel in my Pareve microwave and we quickly shut it before it got very hot, but it was already a little warm to the touch. Do I need to Kasher my microwave to make it Pareve again?


2. If I keep the microwave Fleishig:

a) May I heat up Pareve items and then bake them in a Pareve/Milchig oven? For instance melting chocolate for a Pareve/Milchig cake recipe and then baking the cake in a Pareve/Milchig oven.

b) May I reheat a Pareve item made in a Milchig pot? (and does this answer also refer to: if the microwave is Pareve, can I reheat a Pareve item made in a Milchig/Fleishig pot?)



If the food did not reach the heat level of what is called Yad Soledes Bo, then the microwave does not need to be Kashered and you can continue using it as Pareve. “Yad Soledes” is more than just warm.

If it did reach this heat, then it must be Kashered if you wish it to be Pareve. See here on our website for how to Kasher a microwave.

If, though, something was cooked in a CLEAN Milchig pot, then it may be warmed up in the Fleishig microwave – on condition that the microwave is clean or that the food being warmed up is covered.