A Gut Chodesh from AsktheRav.com!


The dedicated team of Rabbonim at AskTheRav would like to wish you a Gut Chodesh!

“Every Rosh Chodesh the spark of Moshiach, also known as the ‘Yechida’, which is in every Jew’s soul (which is a spark of the general Yechida – the soul of Moshiach) is revealed.

The revelation of this spark resonates and causes a rejuvenation in the entire being of every Jew, so that everything he does in permeated with the level of his Yechida,

And, most importantly, through this the revelation and arrival of Moshiach is caused in the most literal sense – a king from the house of David, soul in body etc.,”

– Sicha of Parshas Toldos 5752


Rosh Chodesh always brings in an influx of related questions. Some might not even be aware of many of the Rosh Chodesh laws and customs. Therefore, our staff of Rabbonim has graciously compiled some Rosh Chodesh snippets for your convenience.

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Wishing you a wonderful new month, with the full revelation of Moshiach!


Forgot Ya’ale Ve’Yavo on Rosh Chodesh and remembered Toch K’dei Dibur of Yihiyu Leratzon








  • Rosh Chodesh Seudah: One should celebrate Rosh Chodesh with a special Seudah, adding at least one special dish. It is appropriate to wash on bread at this meal, although not an obligation. The Rebbe also encouraged people to Farbreng on Rosh Chodesh.


  • Tehillim Study: Reminder to learn your Tehillim (as well as the Rebbe’s Kapitel). Read about it here.