Question on taking in Shabbos early


  1. What is the earliest Zman allowed to take in Shabbos?
  2. What point in Davening must be after that time, i.e. is that time the earliest to begin Kabbolas Shabbos, or Borchu?
  3. Are we careful not to make Kiddush between 6-7 (now 7-8) in such a situation when it is not yet Friday night in the world?



  1. Mincha before Plag Hamincha.
  2. Borchu after Plag Hamincha.
  3. Kiddush not between 7 & 8. (Daylight savings time).


See More details in #592: Bringing in Shabbos Early and in the comprehensive guide for accepting Shabbos early.


And in the following links:

I live out of town and there is only one Ashkenaz Minyan that takes Shabbos in early at 7PM every week. At times, both Mincha and Maariv are after Plag HaMincha and before Shekia/Tzeis, which I understand is Tarti Desasri. Should I Daven Mincha Beyichidus before Plag and then join the Shul to listen to Chazoras Hashatz of Mincha and Daven Maariv with the Minyan, or Daven Mincha and Maariv Betzibur regardless?

I used to join the late Minyanim for Mincha during the week and Friday in 770, since it is hard to get Shabbos prep done and be in Shul early many Fridays. Also, bad habbits are hard to break.