Do women need to answer to a Zimun?



If I understand correctly, women do not take part in a Zimun for Bentching. But are they supposed to answer – “Yehi Shem…” “Baruch She’achalnu…”?



If there are three men who are obligated to Bentch B’Zimmun, the women are obligated to respond. They have the actual Mitzvah of Zimun and should not leave the table without doing so. If they are sitting on the other side of the Mechitza and can’t see the men, they should not respond with Hashem’s name (Baruch Elokeinu… when there are ten men) unless there is a shared waiter.



ראה נו״כ השו״ע או״ח קצט, ז. אדה״ז שם ו-ז. שו״ע ודאדה״ז רסי׳ קצה. וראה שו״ת שבה״ל או״ח א, לח. אג״מ ה, ט, י.