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My parents are paying a lot of money on me and my siblings at this time of year, and I can tell there is financial pressure right now. Can I give them my Ma’aser money before I leave to camp (I wouldn’t tell them it’s Ma’aser)?


Yes. Anyone who fails or struggles to meet their children’s needs is entitled to receive Maaser. Additionally, when there are children over 6 or 13 years old the parent’s don’t have a complete halachic obligation to support them financially and this is considered a form of Tzedaka.

Nonetheless, if you can afford it you should not use Maaser money.



טעמים ומקורות: שו”ע יור”ד רנ”א ס”ג, ש”ך שם ס”ק ד. ועיין אדה”ז הל’ ת”ת פ”א ה”ז. ולגבי מי ראוי לקבל כספי מעשר – עיין יור”ד ס’ רנ”ג ס”ב. ובפוסקי זמנינו – עיין מה שליקט בפסקים ותשובות (כ”ץ) שם סק”ח-ט.

ולגבי מה שמפרנס הוריו מן הצדקה – ראה הנסמן כאן:


Can a working girl give her Maaser money to her parents to help them cover the cost for the Bar Mitzva of their son and Chasuna of their daughter, and to pay for seminary and Yeshiva for their children?




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