Fleishig Knife washed with Milchig Dishes



My goye accidentally washed a fleshing knife with the milchig dishes all in one sink. She was not using gloves and the knife wasn’t dirty with meat, just vegetables at most, it may have even been clean…



If either one of the following conditions were met, then all is fine:

  1. There was nothing milchigs on the milchig dishes (only pareve).
  2. It was not washed with hot water. If she washed them with her bare hands (as you said), you may assume that it was not hot.
  3. Detergent was applied before any hot water touched the dishes.



א. ש״ך יו״ד צה, כ.

ג. ע״פ שו״ע יו״ד צה, ד.