When is the accurate Zman for Motzei Shabbos according to the Alter Rebbe?


There are different opinions how to calculate this.

The common custom is to follow 42 minutes in NY.

Otherwise, it’s several minutes, specifically 4 minutes, after the sun sets 6.6 degrees below the horizon. Others wait till 8.5 degrees below the horizon.



ראה סדר הכנסת שבת. ביאור לסדר הכנסת שבת לוין ע׳ יח-יט לפי דרכו. ובמכתבי הרבנים בסוה״ס. וראה אצלנו כאן:

1. What would be preferred, to Daven Maariv early with a Minyan (in a case where one Davened Mincha after Plag), or to Daven Beychidus after Tzeis? 2. In general from what time can one start Davening Maariv Lechatchila?