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Our fish store just bought a fish that has scales and fins. The scales aren’t noticeable and the name of the fish is kingklip. Is this fish kosher or not? 

There are those who permit it, but most Poskim maintain kingklip is Treif for many reasons. This is the position of Harav Elyashiv, Harav Shternbuch, the Eida Charedis, the OU, Harav Vosner etc.. One of the reasons is as it lacks the criteria of Sichsuch – see Tzemach Tzedek YD 61 for a precise definition.

It should be noted there is more than one type of this fish.



ראה שו״ת תשובות והנהגות ה, רמו. ובארוכה אפיקי מגינים פפויפר ע׳ קמא ואילך.

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