How important is it to Daven at the time of a Minyan on Zoom?


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I read the following links (1/2), and my question is: How important is it to try and schedule our home davening around the schedule of a Zoom minyan, that it makes our davening as if davening with a minyan, or it’s really more just a “good feeling” minyan, and not really accomplishing much in the aspect of davening with a minyan. 
I understood from the that’s “it’s ok to answer Amen etc”. 
Should I really put in effort to try and join it, the same way I would go to shul in a usual situation?



Scheduling your minyan during the same time when another minyan —which is halachically, medically and legally acceptable — is operating, is not Tefillah B’Tzibur, but should nonetheless be treated on the same level as Tefillah B’Tzibur.

There is no obligation to arrange a Zoom schedule in order to watch the Minyan operating, but it is important to schedule your davening time during the same time that that Minyan is operating.


מעלת בשעה שהציבור מצפללים – מובן מהגמ׳ דהיינו מחמת שזהו עת רצון. ולכמה פוסקים ה״ט דתפלה בצבור ״לא ימאס״. ונפסק הדין אפילו בנוגע לאנוס ותש כוחו – אדה״ז צ,י. ולא בבחי׳ נכון טוב כ״א בחדא מחתא עם חיוב תפלה בצבור – שבזה גופא שקו״ט בגדר החיוב ואכ״מ. וכ״מ גם בשו״ת רשב״ש כד. ואכ״מ עוד.