Cough Syrups that contains glycerin


Many of the Cough Syrups contain glycerin (even those given as kosher L’Pesach). Can this could still be taken to cure a cough? Does it depend on the producer? I have purchased one called Siltussin by Silvox Pharmaceuticals Inc.


There is no practical method to verify whether the glycerin used is animal-based or not.

Accordingly, cough syrup’s may not be used unless nullified in sixty times the amount of the medicine.

Where this isn’t possible, there is room for leniency if one nullifies the medicine into 12 times its volume, since it is assumed that the glycerin is not more than 20% of the volume of the entire medicine. One can accomplish this by mixing about two teaspoons of medicine into approximately five ounces of water or other drinks.

Obviously, one must make sure with a doctor or pharmacist that the cough medicine will not be compromised this way.


בשעת הדחק יש להתיר דל״א חנ״נ בלח בלח. וגם ספק דרבנן לקולא. ועוד היתרים עד״ז – ראה בארוכה בס׳ עלהו לתרופה.