Crockpot Liners & Hatmanah



I have a question about cooking a roast in a bag in the crockpot. I fill the pot with water and potatoes I put the meat in a bag with spices and tie it shut and put it on top of the potatoes in the water. I would like to put this up on Friday to eat Shabbos day. Is this allowed?



The food should either be half cooked before Shabbos, or there should be at least 1 piece of meat that’s raw.

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Using a bag in a crockpot can pose an issue of Hatmana. Although there is room to allow it as long as the bag is not closed on top. However, according to the Alter Rebbe it would still be an issue unless there is a noticeable space between the majority of the bag and the pot’s walls. This can be achieved by either using a smaller bag that doesn’t touch the sides of the pot or not folding over the bag on two or more sides. Additionally, one must ensure that most of the bag is not immersed in the water.

If you are referring to a net-like bag to hold the meat intact, there would not be an issue of Hatmana regardless.


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