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NJ governor just allowed drive-in gatherings as long as everyone stays in their cars and are 6 feet from the next car. Accordingly, is there any way to make a kosher minyan while staying in cars?


If the people in the cars can see each other (or at least the chazzan can) they can be combined as 10 people for a minyan, provided no public thoroughfare separates between them.

The car window is must remain open, so there is no actual mechitzah between them.


שוע”ר סי’ נה סעי’ טז ובמ”ב שם ס”ק נב וכה”ח שם ס”ק עו (בנוגע לפתיחת החלון) וראה פסקי תשובות שם סעי’ כו.




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