I heard that some people are Makpid not to do a Poreis Mappah Umekadeh (Some say that there’s a Sakana involved), while I’ve seen others do it. Practically, what’s the Halacha/Minhag Chabad if one wants to do it the way the Alter Rebbe writes in רעא יא?


There are numerous halachic complications involved with this practice (brachos, bentching etc.). For this and other reasons, the Rebbe stopped this practice. [Some Rabonim say that this was only due to the confusion of how to go about it, but if a Rov is present that will guide the congregation, it can be done.]

The Rebbe himself (and previous Rabeim) never personally partook in this, He only had it done by Farbrengen for others. According to Kabala it is not proper to make Kiddush before Kabolas Shabbos and Maariv.


ראה בארוכה בשו”ע אדה”ז רעא, ט-יא. ובסוף סי”א: כל בעל נפש יש לו להיזהר בתחילה שלא לבא לידי כך. וראה גם שם קפח, יז לענין רצה ויעו”י.

הוראה כללית – התוועדויות תשד”מ ח”א ע’ 323. תשמ”ח ח”א ע’ 319.

הנהגת רבותינו – סה”ש תד”ש ע’ 39 ואילך ובהערות. וראה אג”ק כ”ק אד”ש חי”ד ע’ מג.

ע״פ קבלה – כה”ח רע”א סקכ”ב.