Child took out chametz spatula, spatula was mistakenly used to fry eggs and discovered afterwards. What is the din regarding eating the eggs? And can the pan be used again on pesach?


The food needs to be thrown out.

The spatula needs to be cleaned (not in the pesach sink!) and put away, and the pan needs to be cleaned (as above) and kashered for pesach.


P.S. chometz keilim need to be stored in a way that prevents access to them.



ראה שו”ע אדה”ז תמז, ח שנטל”פ אסור בפסח. ואף בכף שרוב תשמיש בכ”ש לא התיר בסימן תנא סל”ג אלא בדיעבד בהפס”מ או מניעת שמחת יו”ט. וראה בדין כיסוי של ברזל שם סמ”א.