Bracha Achronah on Cheesecake or a Tofutti Cutie



If I make a Bracha mezonos on something that contains mostly food of another Bracha such as a slice of cheesecake or a Tofutti cutie, what Bracha Achronah do I make?



If there is a ratio of (at least) 1/6 of mezonos to the other ingredients (which I think is the case for Toffuti ice-cream sandwich), the Brocha Achrona would be al hamichya.

If the ratio is less than 1/6, you should eat another kezayis of mezonos (from a cake or a cookie) in order to say al hamichya, and another kezayis upon which one recites borei nefashos.



סדר ברכת הנהנין ג, ב.

וראה בארוכה שאלה 4393:

ברכה אחרונה על מאכלים עם כמות קטנה של דגן

לשיעור ששית – ראה בארוכה 6701:

What is the minimum of Challah one can eat and still be able to wash & Bentch?