Shabbos Candles When Eating Out



If I am in Yerushalayim and will be Bentching Licht 40 minutes before Shkiah as per the Minhag here and walking to the Kosel and eating out (by the time I get home the tea lights will be out). Is that fine if I light where I sleep although I won’t see the candles after Shkiah, or do I need to come home and see them for a minute before my meal? It’s a ten-minute walk out of the way each way to my apartment from the place I’m eating so 20 minutes walk total to see the candles.

I can’t light where I’m eating because they don’t allow lighting in the rooms (where we will eat) in that building, and everyone lights in the lobby (we’re on the fourth floor for a meal).

Which is it better:

  1. In the building lobby of where I’m eating and I’ll see the candles on my way up to the meal.
  2. In my apartment and it’s fine if I don’t see them after Shkiah.
  3. At home and walk back before the meal to see them for a minute.

Or is there something else the Rav suggests that is best?



You can either use larger candles that will remain lit when you are back and eat to their light. Alternatively, light in a dark room, since if one lights close to evening and it is semi-dark and you use the brightness of the candles for any activity, your Bracha isn’t in vain.

Regardless, even if the candles would remain lit when you’re back, whenever you’re not eating where you light, the electric lights must be off at the time of lighting.



שו״ע אדה״ז רסג, לז- לט. שם יג. וראה גם שו״ע אדה״ז תקיד, טו. תקכז, כט. וראה שו״ת משנ״ה ה, מא.

וראה כאן:

I’m invited out; where do I light Shabbos candles?