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Retainers on Pesach



I am finishing an Invisalign treatment and one of the options is to glue a metal wire behind the front bottom teeth. Is there any problem? Such as בשר בחלב or פסח?



There is no Kashrus concern regarding mixture of milk and meat. It is however preferable to clean the wire between milk and meat, if food usually gets stuck there when eating.

Regarding Pesach, the custom is to make a Hagala style Kashering before the deadline to eat Chametz. You should refrain from all hot Chametz within the 24hr before that Zman, and then you should wash your mouth with the hottest water you can handle without burning yourself ח”ו. For more info, see our Halacha guide for Pesach.


שו”ת קנה בשם ח”ד סי’ כ”ו, ועוד. וראה עוד במ״מ בלוח יומי לפסח הנ״ל.