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There are new Sheitels on the market where there is a very comfortable lace as the cap from where the hairs are sewn in or tied into the Sheitel. Some of these come with a lining, and some do not, leaving very small open spaces through which the women’s hair or scalp can be seen. Is this considered a sufficient form of hair covering?


A Sheitel which has any openings even if small where the hair can be seen is not considered an adequate head covering.


משום דת יהודית, וכמו קלתה ושבכה. וכבכל בגד העשוי מעשה נקבים ונראה בשרה מתוכה. וראה שו״ת תשובה מאהבה א, מח. וראה שו״ת יבי״א ו או״ח יג. וראה כבודה בת מלך א, ח.






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