Is it a Halachic issue for a woman to wear leggings? What about wearing woman pajama pants?


Hashem made the Jewish people a גוי קדוש – – ‘a holy nation’. The general idea of Tznius is ‘modesty’, this means that the parts of the body that need to be covered are done so, and more than that, the clothing is also modest in its style.



There are several issues with leggings; When worn without socks, leggings expose the lower section of the foot. Likewise, when worn with a pencil skirt, as is often done, the skirt rides up above the knee, a serious breach of Tznius. Also, leggings are form fitting and highlight the shape of the leg. They are somewhat similar to pants, in that they have a connotation of kli gever, male garment. Most importantly, leggings are not in line with the spirit of modesty, a refined manner of dress.

Leggings should not be worn in a public place, even when one fully covers their skin with socks. Put simply: Leggings that are visible and identifiable to onlookers as leggings (in other words, it’s obvious that they are not tights…) are a breach of Tznius. The same idea applies to a woman wearing pajama pants under a skirt in public.

If one wears a skirt which covers the legs entirely until the foot with socks it will be allowed to wear the leggings below.