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Is a Shlucha allowed to do a cooking demo or interview on the local news station?


See the following link about a similar question.

Are women allowed to give a speech when their audience is 50% men as well? 

Nonetheless, if the cooking show or news interview is intended for non-religious Jews to inspire them about kashrus etc. (and not for religious Jews) there could be room for leniency. However, the following are important points to consider:

  1. Attire should be modest and truly Tznius to make a Kiddush Hashem and not Chas Veshalom the opposite.
  2. The Shlucha should act modestly in speech and behavior.
  3. The interview or show should be done by another woman and not a man.
  4. The Shlucha should not later publicize the video to religious crowds on social media or news websites intended for religious Jews, for such a video is not intended for a religious crowd.
  5. There should be a Kiddush Hashem and הפצת מעינות in a permissible way. For example, if the intended audience is not Jewish, Torah (the parts of Torah that are intended only for Jews) should not be taught.
  6. Finally, this question was a general question and therefore no specific Psak is given. After verifying all the above details one should consult a Rav. One cannot take this answer as a general allowance and each case should be individually consulted with a competent Rav of Anash.





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  • BD July 7, 2019 - 1 year ago

    What are the parts of Torah that are intended only for Jews and may not be taught to Goyim?

    • AskTheRav July 10, 2019 - 1 year ago

      There is a general prohibition of teaching Torah to Goyim (See Sanhedrin 59a, Chagiga 13a, and Rambam Hilchos Melachim 10:9)

      Thus, the question should be reversed: “What parts of the Torah are Goyim permitted to study”?

      In general, a Goy may study his 7 Mitzvos, including teachings of Chassidus regarding the belief in the oneness of Hashem. There are also several other exceptions.

      There is a 2 volume set of Seforim which deals with the specifics of this issue, titled תורתך לישראל.


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