What products may one buy in a remote place, like India, without a Hechsher? Pasta? Rice? what about produce? like nuts or spices?


  • Pasta raw, without eggs or oil – Does not require certification.
  • Quinoa, raw – Does not require certification.
  • Rice, raw or parboiled, unseasoned – Does not require certification.
  • Rice Pasta – Require reliable certification.
  • Couscous, raw – Unseasoned, does not require certification.
  • Herb blends – Require reliable certification.
  • Herbs, dried – Leaves, seeds and spices, without added ingredients, does not require certification, unless it is produce of Israel, then it require reliable certification.
  • Herbs, freeze dried – Require reliable kosher certification.
  • Salt – Without calcium Stearate, does not require certification.
  • Sugar – Does not require certification.
  • Spices, Blends require reliable certification; pure, does not require certification.
  • ALL SHELLED-ROASTED AND/OR SEASONED NUTS MUST HAVE A HECHSHER. Unflavored raw nuts are acceptable without Hashgachah, assuming there are no added sensitive ingredients. Any nuts which are roasted (dry roasted or oil roasted), cooked, boiled, canned, flavored, colored, or have added kosher-sensitive ingredients, require a reliable Hashgachah.


Many of these items must be checked for infestation.