What is the correct way to use menstrual pads on Shabbos?


If you are putting it on to prevent physical discomfort such as protecting your body from getting soiled, then it is not a problem. If however, you are putting it on only to protect your clothes, for example, during the times when secretions are very light, even if the lack of cleanliness makes you uncomfortable, it is an issue to walk outside with it in a place where there is no Eruv.

If it is attached to the garment one may go out with it regardless.

The packaging may be ripped on Shabbos. If there is an adhesive layer, the tape should be opened and resealed before Shabbos. Ensure the pad does not stay attached to the garment for 24 hours or more.

When discarding the pad make sure you do not re-tape it up, or stick it to other pads.



שו”ע אדה”ז סימן שא סעיף י. סימן שג סעיף יח. וראה שו״ת אג״מ יו״ד ג, מז, ג. שם או״ח ג, מז. בא״מ ב, סו. תשוה״נ א, רמז. מנח״י ליקוטי תשובות כה. חוט שני נדה קצו, א דינים העולים יט יאילך. ע׳ רסג. אוצרות הטהרה ע׳ תתפג. ולהעיר מקו”א לשו״ע אדה״ז סימן שב שאין שייך בזה איסור צביעה.