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Is Coca-Cola without a Hechsher acceptable? What about with a Hechsher? I’ve noticed that in 770 they don’t serve Coca-Cola, and only sell the one from Israel, is that for a specific reason?


Coca cola is certified by the OU, and a OU symbol is required.

Rav Landau from Bnei Brak has a separate line of production with his Hechsher. As far as I know, he has an issue with the status of the glycerin used in the Coke.

However, there are strong halachic arguments not to be concerned about this issue as there’s evidence that Coca-Cola only uses Kosher Glycerin, aside for the fact that most glycerin available today is not from animal fat. Further, the amount used is also almost completely insignificant.

Nonetheless, Horav Landau maintains one must still be concerned.

770 has adopted a policy years ago not to allow it in the Shule, based on the instructions of the Rabbanim at the time. I don’t know their specific reason;  it could be because there was no reliable authority who took complete responsibility for the Kashrus.



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לכאלה ששותים משקה ‘ג’ינג’ר אייל’ ו’פרסקה’ וכדומה ממשקאות שהם בהכשר ה”או-יו”. האם גם קוקה קולה הוא באותו רמת כשרות או שיש בו בעיה נוספת?