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Is one allowed to study on Shabbos for a test?


Can I study on Shabbos for a test on Limudei Kodesh subjects?


ראה שש”כ פרק כח סעיף צב ובהערה רכ, ושם הערה קעח.

וכן נפסק בלוח יומי – פורים תשע”ד לענין הכנת קריאת מגילה בשבת.


Can I study on Shabbos for an accounting test?


Explanation: There are two issues here:

  1. One is reading such material on Shabbos. It is permissible to read books of wisdom on Shabbos according to the strict letter of the law but a G-d-fearing person should be stringent. However, since accounting is forbidden on Shabbos, this would not be considered studying wisdom.
  2. An additional issue is hachanah, preparation for after Shabbos.


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שטרי הדיוטות: ראה כאן:

My therapist recommended I read some books, however I don’t really have the time to read them during the week. Am I allowed to read them on Shabbos?

הכנה: ראה מקו״ח תקג. מנחת שבת צ, ט. שש״כ כח הע׳ קסט. שם רו. נשמ״א או״ח שז. וביום השבת ל, ד. וישמע משה ע׳ קו.