I am learning to be a EMT. Am I allowed to read the necessary materials on Shabbos?


Yes, they may be read.



The Alter Rebbe brings two opinions on the matter, but writes (307:31) that the custom is to be lenient. A G-d fearing person would however be stringent. However, in this case, since this is a matter associated with a Mitzvah there is no reason to be stringent. See also references here:

My therapist recommended I read some books, however I don’t really have the time to read them during the week. Am I allowed to read them on Shabbos?

Note however Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch 290:5:

“The Shabbasos and the festivals were given to the Jewish people solely so that they occupy themselves with Torah study on these days.” (This applies particularly to working people and also to those that learn all week).

See also Kuntres Eitz Hachaim from the Rebbe Rashab end of chapter 25: On Shabbos more than during the week, we must utilize our time for holy purposes and not wasteful activities. Even eating, drinking, and sleeping should be done to honor Shabbos, for that is when our weekday activities are elevated.

How this applies to you, the need to finish the material (upcoming test), etc, can be discussed with your mashpia.