Who should recite the following Kaddeishim on Friday evening: Kaddish Yosom after Mizmor Shir, and Kaddish Derabanan after Bameh Madlikin (nusach ashkenaz)?

Question continued:

Should they be recited by a) one who has Yahrzeit on Friday b) one who has Yahrzeit on Shabbos or c) both a and b?



Our Minhag is that the Kaddish after Mizmor Shir is said by mourners who commemorate a Yahrtzeit either on Friday or on Shabbos.

Sefer Haminhagim page 27

As for the Kaddish after Bame Madlikin, if it’s said before Borchu (as in many kehillos), the same rule applies. However if it is said at the end of Maariv, then only one who has a Yartzeit on Shabbos should recite the Kaddish.