When Sefardik mourners daven in an Ashkenaz Shul, what nusach for Kaddish should be said?

Question continued:

I am a Rov of an Ashkenazi Shul and occasionally we have Sefardim who frequent and need to say Kaddish. There are Ashkenaz congregants who would like for the Sefardim to say Kaddish in Nusach Ashkenaz as to not cause confusion. What should be done?



The Sefardim should follow the Minhag of the Shul in such a case, unless the extra words are said in an undertone and quickly.


ראה שו״ת אג״מ או״ח ד,לד. אשרי האיש א, יא, יב. אהלך באמתך כו, יב-ג. יגל יעקב מכתב יח, א. אול״צ ב, ה,יא. וראה קובץ אליבא דהלכתא חו׳ ו ע׳ ב. ז ע׳ יא. טו ע׳ ד.