Can I bake Challa or fish in my meaty oven?


Can I bake my Challa in my fleishig oven?

Yes, Challah for Shabbos may be baked in a fleishig oven, even if the oven is dirty (and it’s considered fleishig, see below about cake).

If you’re baking regular bread, you may use the fleishig oven only if the oven is clean (see below more about its status), or if it’s a small amount, or if you make a Heker (sign) before baking.



ראה סימן צז סעיף א ברמ”א, שלשבת נחשב כדבר מועט, אבל שאר לחם אסור אף ביש ששים נגד הטוח בעין, ראה משב”ז שם סק”א. בנקי’ ראה פת”ש סק”ד.


 Can I bake fish in my fleishig oven?

See here.


If I bake cake in my fleishig oven:

1. Am I fleishig, and required to wait before eating milchig?

2. Do I need a heker on the cake as not to mix with milchig?

1. If the oven was dirty and there wasn’t 60 times the residue in the cake, the cake is considered fleishig.

See here.

Otherwise, you may not mix the cake with milchigs l’chatchilah (primarily, i.e. intentionally). However, if it was mixed with milchigs (dairy), the food may be eaten b’dieved (ex post facto). See here.

You are not considered fleishigs after eating it.

2. No Heker is needed if either of the following conditions are met:

A. The cake is usually eaten alone (not with actual Milchigs),

B. If it’s an amount that usually would be finished in a day,

C. If the oven is clean.



ראה שם פת”ש סק”ג שדוקא אם רגיל לאוכלן עם גבינה ולא לבדן, ושפ”ד סק”א שליומי’ נחשב מועט, ושם שדוקא בלחם גזרו דעל הלחם יחי’ אדם ודרכו לאוכלו עם בשר וגבינה, וראה ט”ז שם סק”א בנוגע תבלין, וחוו”ד ופר”ח ומנח”י שם. בנקי’ – ראה פת”ש סק”ד.