Tzedakah App for Constant Tzedakah Giving



My friend and I are working on an app that will allow someone to give Tzedaka the maximum frequency throughout the day. So, if “Shalom Aleicha Rebbe” (3 seconds) is the shortest time unit between each time to give Tzedaka, and there are 86400 seconds in 24 hours, And 1 pruta= 1.25 cents, would it be: 86400/3=28,800 opportunities to give 1.25 cents: 28,800*.0125= $360?

This could enable a lot of people to give Tzedaka in the maximum possible way, but we want to make sure that this is true according to Halacha.



The Mitzva of Tzedaka is very special as it hastens the Geula, and those that are involved in helping others give, have a great Zchus.

In regards to an app, anything that will encourage and facilitate the giving of Tzedaka is great. Here are a few thoughts regarding the specific method you mentioned:

  1. Although a Prutah is commonly considered the lowest amount of value, this does not necessarily apply to Tzedaka and even 1 penny suffices – see here:

How many coins to give to Tzedakah before Davening

2. The benefit of giving Tzedaka multiple times throughout the day – discussed in Tanya section of Igeres Hakodesh – is that a person is consciously doing the physical act of Tzedaka many times.

3. The above benefit is meant to result in giving more Tzedaka and not delaying it. In other words, if one is giving $10 to Tzedaka, they should not give it bit by by, rather they should give it as early as possible. What the above mentioned benefit is meant to accomplish is, that if one has $1 they should give it and not wait until they can give a larger sum.

It is questionable if the above points are achieved through to an automated app, although the Mitzva is definitely being done – see here:

Is giving Tzedakah through an app the same as putting coins into a pushka?

It should be noted that every time you donate to Tzedaka by using a credit card, Tzedaka will only end up getting a percentage of the actual funds. It is obviously better to give them a direct wire or a check which usually means that Tzedaka will receive more.

Also, if there would be many credit card transactions there would be a credit card transaction fee every time. Either it should be a bank transfer or it should be charged in bigger chunks.

See here:

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ראה אג”ק כ”ק אד”ש כרך יד עמוד עט.