Is giving Tzedakah through an app the same as putting coins into a pushka?


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Is giving Tzedakah through an app the same as putting coins into a pushka?

The way it works is that you add however much money you want to a virtual pushka and when your goal amount pushka is full, it charges your credit card.

Is there a Maale by giving actual coins in a pushka or doing it online is the same thing? If it is the same case, if I write down each day that I’m giving for example a dollar, and then at the end of the month donate 30 dollars online, is that also counted for daily Tzedakah?

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There are 2 parts/steps to the mitzva of tzedaka:

  • Separating the money from my own.
  • Giving it to the recipient.

For the mitzva of tzedaka, the main part is the giving. For the mitzva of ma’aser, the main part is separating. (see Likutei Sichos vol 2 pg. 652 and Sicha of Parashas Nasso 5748).

For the first part, an app – as it’s being described by you – will work. For the second part, the recipient must receive it. The fact that the giver can not withdraw the money is not considered as though the recipient actually received it.

A tzedaka box in one’s home is considered as the recipient’s property. There are halachic ramifications to this, such as “borrowing” from the pushka or changing its destination.

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יש ב׳ פרטים בצדקה – הפרשה ונתינה. וע״ד דברי תורי״ד (ספ״ב דקדושין) ושו״ת נוב״י (מהדו״ת יו״ד רא) הידועים לענין תרומה. ונת׳ בלקו״ש חי״ח ע׳ 181. ולהעיר מלקו״ש ח”ב ע’ 652.

ולעניננו – הפרשה סגי לכאו׳ בצורה וירטואלית. נתינה ל״ש כשאין השני קונה. בקופה שבבית לכמה פוסקים המוסד קונה. וכ״כ אדה״ז במכתביו באג״ק. כמובן יש מחלקים שהשופרות דאז היו נכסי המוסד. וכמובן חילוק גם אם הקופה אינה שייכת לשום מוסד פרטי. ואכ״מ עוד.