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What is the opinion of Lubavitch Rabbanim regarding the Anisakis worms issue in salmon?

The issue of Anisakis isn’t a particularly Lubavitch issue as such, and although the Tzemach Tzedek dedicates some space to address the issue of fish infestation as discussed in the Gemara, I’m not aware of any inference one can have regarding the contemporary issue.

As mentioned, this is primarily a Halachic issue with many Halachic arguments put forward to support both positions, and therefore a Lubavitch Rov might choose either position.

Nonetheless, several Lubavitch Rabbonim have opined on the issue, most notably Horav Landau in Bnei Brak, who wrote to support the lenient position. Indeed, if one wishes to find a Chassidishe perspective on the matter, there are also two specific meta-Halachic issues or Hashkafa issues very relevant here:

1. The argument that the position of Chazal in Halacha is immutable regardless of scientific observation.

2. The fact that Klal Yisroel in general, and particularly Gedolei Yisroel over the generations have eaten various fish including herring without regard to this issue. Those prohibiting Anisakis obviously have responded to these claims, but it is difficult to reconcile their position with the facts.

For Horav Landau’s Teshuvah see here.

Other Poskim who permit Anisakis are:

Horav Vosner a”h. Horav Yaakov Blau a”h. Horav Padwa a”h. Badatz Eida Charedis, Badatz Belz, OU, Rabbi Moshe Vaye, Horav Chayim Kanievski, Horav Pesach Falk.

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