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My son’s Bar Mitzvah is in the nine days. Can we serve Fleishigs if he will make a Siyum on a Mesichta of Mishanyos?


Yes, a Mesichta of Mishanyos (preferably with a Pirush such as Bartenura etc.) suffices as a Siyum to be able to serve meat.


P.S. Technically, at a Seudah of a Bar Mitzvah one may serve meat and wine even without a Siyum if it is the day he turns Bar Mitzvah. Or if the Bar Mitzvah Bocher says a Deroshah or Ma’amar, even if the Seudah is not on the same day. In this case however ideally it should not be scheduled during the nine days.

However if it is during the week of Tishah Be’av (not relevant this year (5781) when Tishah Be’av falls out on Sunday) meat and wine may be served only to close relatives (which are disqualified of being a Edus (testimony) for him) and another ten people not more.



ברמ״צ בתשעת הימים – ראה הגהות יד אפרים סי’ תקנ”א למג״א סקל”ג ע״פמג”א סי’ רכ”ה סק”ד דאם הנער דורש הוי סעודת מצוה אפי’ אינו באותו יום, וראה חיי”א כלל קל”ג סט”ו ג.

וראה כאן:

May/Should one serve Fleishigs at a Bris taking place during the nine days?

מנין מצומצם – רמ”א תקנא ס”י.

שנה שט’ באב ביום ראשון אין שבוע שחל בו – מג”א סקי”ז, ומ”ב סקל”ח. ולעניננו בפרט – מג״א סקל״ה. מ״ב סקע״ז.




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