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Is there any benefit to putting up a Mezuzah on a different door of the house, other than the front door?



We met a not-yet-frum couple recently, and we are to gift them a Mezuzah and help put it up for them. However, it’s very likely they wouldn’t want it on their front door. Is there any benefit to putting it up on a different door of their house? If so, which is the best doorway?



It definitely is a good idea to help them affix a Mezuzah to their home. If they won’t agree to put it on the front door, then they should put it by any room that is halachically obligated in Mezuza according to ALL opinions. This would probably be the bedroom that has a proper door to it.

On the contrary, often the front door is less obligated than other doors, as the foyer is less than 4×4 Amos.



אין חיוב ב”דלת ראשית” יותר משאר דלתות (ולפעמים אינו חייב במזוזה מן התורה לכל הדעות), אלא שמביא שמירה לכל מה שבתוכו, היינו כל הבית. ופשוט שחייב בכל חדר וכבפנים. וראה מהרי״ל ריש הל׳ מזוזה. רמ״א יו״ד רפז, ב. שו”ת באר שבע, באר מים חיים סקי”ג. ובשו״ת דברי יציב יו”ד קצא ר״ל שמה״ת חייב רק בפתח הראשון. ודבריו מחודשים.