Is one permitted to take a haircut on Motzaei Shabbos?


While one may take a haircut on Motzaei Shabbos, it is not proper to schedule in advance a haircut for Motzaei Shabbos as it is an embarrassment to Shabbos. Generally, it’s preferable (מצוה מן המובחר) to schedule haircuts for Friday or Thursday.

If one’s hair is long or if Erev Shabbos a haircut was not permitted, like in a case when a child’s 3rd birthday is on Shabbos, the haircut should take place on Motzaei Shabbos.

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If one can not do an Upsherenish on their son’s birthday since it is on Shabbos or Rosh Chodesh etc. would it be better to do it Motzaei Shabbos or Rosh Chodesh (at night/earliest opportunity) or is it better to do it Sunday after Shacharis?

חכמת שלמה תצג, ב: “ובפרט דבזיון הוא שעל שבת לא יגלח וביום אחד אחר השבת יגלח”.

וראה ט”ז או”ח רס, סק”א. ובשוע”ר שם סעיף א: “ולא קודם לכן . . . שיהא ניכר שעושה בשבילו”.