I have a salad, which contains scallions, that was made with milchig utensils.


I put the leftover salad in a fleishig plastic container with a piece of chicken. The milchig metal salad tongs and glass salad bowl were all in the fleishig sink and were exposed to other fleishigs and hot (not boiling) water. One of the salad tongs was washed with the fleishig sponge. The other two items I washed under cold water in the bathroom. I don’t know what to do with the food or the keilim.



Regarding all the Keilim as long as you didn’t wash them with water that is Yad Soledes they are all fine (just clean them well).

Regarding the food, assuming the salad mixture was cold (and it was not sitting together in salad juice for an extended period of time), then if its possible to completely remove the scallions the rest may be eaten (or for the chicken, take out and rinse it), if not possible and there will be a loss you may eat it all.



שו”ע יו”ד סימן צו סעיף א ברמ”א וקג סעיף ו, וסי’ צד סעיף ו.

ודיון בפוסקים – ראה מבית לוי קובץ בעניני יורה דעה עמוד צא (ועוד), שו״ת דברך יאיר יו”ד ג, כח (ועוד). וראה גם שאלה #5017, – מיוסד על פת”ש יו”ד צו, ג, אם בצלים קטנים (בצל ירוק) בגדר דבר חריף, ובמקום הפסד יש להקל, בצירוף עוד כמה סברות בדיני דבר חריף.